Twisted - C.A. Vincent

Twisted - C.A. Vincent Twisted - C.A. Vincent
Twisted - C.A. Vincent
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  Authored by C A Vincent

Fun in the sun turns to terror when a psychopath tries to use her in his twisted plot for revenge.

Destiny "Dusty" Devane heads to California for a relaxing vacation. This trip is the first thing she's done just for herself. Before it truly begins, she finds herself ridiculed by overnight acting sensation Nick Marshall. If that isn't enough to put a dent in a woman's ego, becoming the next target of a deranged serial killer certainly is.

Detective Don Cramer is trying to catch his wife's killer. His behavior has put him on the Brass' watch list. In an effort to keep Don actively working, his supervisor has him playing bodyguard to Dusty Devane, the young woman everyone suspects is the killer's next target. It doesn't take long before he's guarding not only Miss Devane, but his heart as well.

At the center of the case is Nick Marshall. Every time the killer strikes, Nick sees himself doing the killing. More and more, the connection between himself and his nemesis causes him to fear he'll soon be losing more than just the name he's made for himself.

Publication Date: Apr 29 2013

ISBN/EAN13:1483951391 / 9781483951393

Page Count: 250

Binding Type:US Trade Paper

Trim Size:6" x 9"


Color: Black and White

Related Categories:Fiction / Romance / Suspense


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Alicia's Folly

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A tropical vacation turns to heartache when Alicia makes an incorrect assumption.

While enjoying a brief vacation between jobs, Alicia Danvers runs into self-made millionaire Nathan Langston. Literally. She's always wanted to knock a man off-balance, but would have preferred to do it with her looks or a hot dress. She never expected to send one sprawling onto his back and land on top of him, kicking and flailing. Surprisingly, sparks fly. The more she sees him, the more she wants to know him and help him get his sense of self back. Unable to stop herself, she throws caution to the wind, as well as her heart out into the open for him to catch. When it lands unexpectedly back at her feet, courtesy of his ex, she goes home to lick her wounds and move on with her life. It's a task much easier said than done.


Nate gets more than he bargained for when he meets Alicia Danvers.

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ISBN/EAN13:1482551578 / 9781482551570

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Binding Type: US Trade Paper

Trim Size: 6" x 9"

Language: English

Color: Black and White

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